How to set up a SSH remote connection to Raspbian and connect to it with PUTTY

I will show you, how to activate the ssh remote console and connect it trough putty.

This tutorial based on everydaylinuxuser.

SSH stands for “Secure Shell” and describes a way to connect to a remote system in a secure way. With PUTTY we have a remote command line tool which can connect trough SSH to Raspbian.

We will do the following steps:

  1. First download and install PUTTY on your local machine (not the PI).
  2. Activate SSH Console inside of Raspbian
  3. Connect to Raspbian trough Putty

1. After downloading PUTTY you can start it and leave it

2. To activate the SSH Console, connect the PI to a HDMI Monitor and plug in a keyboard and mouse


  • Click on Menu -> Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration (see image above)
  • In the new window click on Interfaces
  • At SSH click on Enabled
  • Click OK
  • Maybe you have to restart the pi

Hint: At the Raspberry Pi Configuration you can change a lot of internal settings, like the password etc.

The default username for Raspbian is: pi
The default password for Raspbian is: raspberry


3. Inside of PUTTY enter raspberrypi as hostname and click on Open (see image above)

  • Maybe you get a warning, confirm with yes (see image below)


  • If you did everything OK, you have to enter the username (pi) and the password (raspberry) and confirm it always with enter
  • Now you should be logged into Raspbian over SSH (see image below)


Good you’re done


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